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Do you want to find new joy, inspiration and energy? Do you want more clarity to your direction in life? Do you feel that you have not yet found your own thing nor your personal mission?

  • Could this be the moment when you take a step toward finding your own thing?
  • Could this be the moment when find out what you want to do with your life?
  • Could this be the moment when you make your own choice?
  • Could this be the moment when you find out what you really want?

Juuso Kangas is a Mission Statement Coach. He has helped dozens of people to find their own thing and their missions. He helps people, who wonder what they should do with their lives to find their own thing and their own missions in life.

”It was good to discuss objectively and analytically about your own life and plans. Many times with your close friends, these conversations will remain superficially or completely unstarted. Now, however, we were able to form a surprisingly accurate plan for the next couple of years. ”-Antti

The coaching consists of four 1.5 hour long coaching sessions. I promise you that we will find your own thing, your mission and this then gives you feeling of purpose and new energy.

  • The first coaching session (1.5h) focuses on your current situation. We are going through what made you come to coaching and clarify your current situation. At the beginning of our first training session, I will also give a closer look at the content of the coaching. This is free.
  • The second coaching session (1.5h) focuses on the past. We are going through your challenges and the learnings you receive from them. You tell only what you want to tell. We will focus on learnings you have gathered from your life’s path.
  • At the third coaching session (1.5h) we will look to your distant utopian vision. In this vision you no longer exist, but your inheritance is still alive. We also do a visualization exercise to get rid of some of the limitations of the logical mind.
  • The fourth training session (1.5h) focuses on the learnings, information, tools, and insights you’ve collected from your life’s path. At the end of our fourth coaching session, we also formulate a phrase that crystallizes your purpose and clarifies your mission in life. Everyone has their own unique mission.

You do not have to have any ready answers. In coaching, we are able to find out these things through various questions. Coach takes care that the speed and questions are just right.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I’m happy to respond and help.

”Juuso has the ability to find the essence and uniqueness of the coachees and to clarify their values” -Liisa

Why Mission Statement Coaching? With the help of coaching you will find your own thing, your mission. Knowing your own thing will help you get joy, inspiration, and energy to your life. When you know what your own thing is, you can also make decisions easier. Juuso wants to help as many people as possible to finding their own things and their personal missions, because it took from him way too much time to find his mission in life. His mission is to help people to find theirs.

The first coaching session is free. You will decide whether we will continue or not. For the first time, we still do not find your mission, but you will gain more clarity. At the end of the fourth coaching session we will find your own thing and we will verbalise your mission in life in to a statement. I am confident that together we will find it for you.

”Juuso is very methodological, meaning that the coachee does not have to worry about anything other than verbalising his or hers own feelings. Juuso is facilitating the discussion to reach conclusions.” -Mimi

You will also get a 100% ”money back” guarantee, that you can use up to one year after the end of the coaching.

Please contact or call 0407613886. If you have eny questions. I’m happy to respond.

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